Choosing a plumbing company for water heater and boiler services doesn’t have to be difficult, and when you want a company that has a great reputation, offers affordable services, and warranties all their work, the choice becomes real simple – Bliss Water Heater & Boiler Repair Service!

Bliss Water Heater & Boiler Repair Service is a locally owned plumbing company specializing in water heater and boiler repairs and installation in Milliken and the neighboring communities. At Bliss, we provide honest recommendations that adhere to the specific needs of the clients. We take the time to understand those needs so that we can provide the best solutions for the homeowner and their budget.

The team of plumbers at Bliss Water Heater & Boiler Repair Service are fully licensed, insured, and warranty all work performed. They are highly trained and skilled in their trade and have the experience to service or install any water heater or boiler, regardless of brand, style, or age. Our plumbing technicians understand that we couldn’t do what we do without our customers, so every client is treated with the utmost respect and courteousness. With over 30 years of service in Milliken and throughout Northern Colorado, our reputation speaks for itself.

The services provided by Bliss Water Heater & Boiler Repair Service include:

Water Heater Repair Service – The plumbers at Bliss are skilled at all levels of water heater repair. From gas and electric, to conventional and tankless, our technicians have the experience to service any water heater, regardless of age, style, or brand.

Water Heater Replacement Service – When your water heater needs replacing, the pros at Bliss will assist you in choosing a new water heater that will meet the needs of your home and its occupants. Not only will we provide a quality installation, we will remove and discard of your old system, free of charge.

Boiler Maintenance Service – Just as cars, boilers require regular preventative maintenance to ensure safe and proficient operation. Not only will regular preventative maintenance extend the life of a boiler, it will help to identify potential issues that could result in costly repairs, if not corrected. Don’t forget to ask about our annual maintenance plans!

Boiler Repair Service – The boiler specialists at Bliss are equipped with the knowledge and experience to perform any repair on any boiler system. They will provide a comprehensive diagnosis and quality repair services to ensure your boiler performs at its peak.

Boiler Replacement/Installation Service – When it comes to boiler replacement and installation, there are several factors to consider. We take the time to assist you in choosing the best layout, size, and model of boiler system, while keeping the needs of your household and budget in mind.

Bliss Water Heater & Boiler Repair Service provides quality repair and installation services for residential and commercial clients in Milliken and the surrounding areas. If you live in Milliken and need a professional plumbing company for your water heater or boiler service needs, call the team at Bliss for quality services you can trust.

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